Simulate. Adjust. Repeat

GHI is involved in every step of hypersonic vehicle development from initial concept all the way to flight test. GHI employs multiple levels of high fidelity tools including CAD, internal conceptual vehicle design tools, inviscid CFD, in-house developed mesh generation, viscous CFD, FEA, trajectory and stability analysis, engine performance, plus more.

Aerothermal Simulation & Analysis

  • US3D – CFD, thermal response, ablation, sensitivity solver
  • LINK3D – Powerful innovative grid generation software
  • STABL-3D – Boundary layer transition analysis
  • Complex external flows (vehicles with control surfaces)
  • Complex internal flows (scramjet inlets/combustors/nozzles)
  • Combustion simulation and analysis

US3D for High Fidelity Computational Fluid Dynamics

GHI utilizes high fidelity computational fluid dynamics to provide simulation and engineering support. Primarily US3D is utilized and GHI team members serve on its development team. Boundary layer transition and stability, vehicle heating and thermal load prediction, full trajectory and aero-thermal database creation, and in-house software development and support are our significant capabilities.


Link3D, GHI’s gridding software, creates high quality, body-fitted, hexahedral grids. Complex geometries are able to be gridded while maintaining isotropic cell spacing and a quasi-structured topology. This ensures that hypersonic bow shocks and boundary layers are well resolved, resulting in high fidelity simulations whether modeling aero databases or doing herculean DNS.

Signature-Ready Flowfields

GHI has created the TASC (Trajectory, Ablation, Shape Change) plug-in for the US3D flow-solver, which couples together atmosphere models, in-depth 3-D heat transfer, finite rate surface chemistry and shape change due to surface recession. By accurately capturing the interplay between these phenomena in the hypersonic flow environment, TASC allows us to accurately generate flowfields from which a vehicles observational signature can be constructed.

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