GoHypersonic Inc. (GHI) is a vertically integrated innovator of hypersonic technologies and developer of advanced military systems.

  • Our team conducts all phases of research and development of hypersonic systems, from design, to fabrication and flight testing. We specialize in hypersonic propulsion-airframe integration and scramjet engine development.
  • We partner with leading aerospace research and development (R&D) labs, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and the Department of Defense (DoD) to advance the field of hypersonics and support the warfighter.
  • We use our talents, resources, and influence to not only advance hypersonics, but to advance the human condition.
  • We strive to lead our industry not only in technical progress, but also in the benefits, work-life balance and culture we provide for our employees and their families.
  • We use environmental impact as criteria in all our decision making.
  • We consider the social impact of our work locally and beyond.


  • We are a diverse group collectively using our skills, interests, and talents to advance GHI’s mission; turning our innovations into operational systems.
  • Together we are working toward a better and safer tomorrow.

GHI has been developing design tools since its inception and continues to expand its capabilities to cover the entire spectrum of the design process, from conceptualization to flight testing. With over a decade of experience in vehicle engine design, we have undertaken countless design studies that undergo rigorous scrutiny and testing, from preliminary detail design schedules to thorough reviews, culminating in flight testing. We continue to innovate and refine our design processes to ensure the highest level of precision and excellence.

GHI has an in-house machine shop for manufacturing flight and research hardware, including two 4-axis CNC mills, a 3-axis CNC mill, two lathes, a CNC router, and a 3D printer. The facility includes tools and supplies for electrical engineering research, development, and production.

GHI has expertise in high-fidelity computational fluid dynamics and extensive experience in mixed fidelity simulations, allowing us to choose the most suitable level of fidelity to accomplish the task within the project schedule. We specialize in high-quality, geometry-aligned grids that produce better computational results and faster convergence times using our proprietary software, LINK3D.

LINK3D is a parallel multiblock topology-based grid generation package available for commercial license.

Ground Testing: GHI has two in-house blowdown hypersonic wind tunnels capable of supplying high-Mach flow for tens of seconds.  Wind tunnel testing capabilities include sub-scale free-jet inlet, flowpath, as well as vehicle testing and direct-connect engine testing.

Flight Testing: GHI maintains partnership with all prominent flight test facilities, enabling us to advance our prototypes through to the final phase of testing. GHI is slated to perform multiple flight tests by 2025.

GHI’s hardware has already completed successful flights, and we are currently involved in several more ongoing flight tests. We specialize in developing payloads and collaborating with launch service providers to execute flight experiments at both national and international flight test ranges. Our team is committed to delivering innovative solutions that are rigorously tested and meet the highest performance standards.

GHI’s research programs primarily include studying hypersonic propulsion-airframe integration and ramjet/scramjet engine development. Often this involves a mix of fast-turn-around design methods closely coupled with mixed-fidelity Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations. GHI is involved in several ground test experiments using hypersonic engine and vehicle components and is actively pursuing the development of our own flight test capabilities.